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Extraction Of Iron


Wrought Iron and Steel:
Wrought iron and steel are made from pig iron by reducing its carbon content and in the case of steel by adding small amounts of other materials, wrought iron is a rather pure form of iron with a minimum content of carbon. It is relatively soft and has only limited uses. In order to make its properties better suited to a wide variety of different uses, it is converted into steel. The term steel is used to denote the presence of a range of different alloys of iron in it. After removing the impurities from pig iron, the required amounts of various elements (usually metals as nickel, chromium, manganese or molybdenum) are added to produce steel with the properties required for a specific use. More than a thousand qualities of steel are manufactured. They can be classified into the following three main categories;
a) carbon steel
b) stainless steel
c) alloy steel











Bohr's Model

Chemical Bonding

Fractional Distillation










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